Renaissance: Black TV Shows!

Ok, so I'm extremely excited about the fact that we have several shows that are available to us that have black casts and discuss black issues. 

To have more than one option now, with the added highlight of different genres too, maaaaaaaan I'm pleased! 

What shows are you currently supporting from black creatives? Comment below. :) 

I'm still into Power but gave up on Empire somewhere along season 2. I definitely think it had something to do with that first episode of that season and that ridiculous gorilla scene. However, I'm glad the show is still successful.. 

Black-ish remains my fave of all faves. It's great to watch a show that has a black modern family, dealing with real issues without crossing into slapstick comedy that I found My Wife & Kids used to do a lot. Watching back old episodes on a Sunday showed me that My Wife & Kids didn't completely age well. I don't know, maybe it's just not as funny now I'm an adult and not a teen. 

Anyway, Black-ish deals with real issues in the black home and breaks down so many cultures we have passed down without really thinking about why we do it. The cast is awesome and having legends like Jennifer Lewis (my fave Mum) and Laurence Fishburne, gives it that extra black excellence. Tracee Ellis Ross continues to evolve and has carved a new lane for herself and I'm praying next year will be the year she finally gets an Emmy! As for queen Marsai, the future is so so bright.

A few of the black creatives I follow on social media kept recommending Atlanta and Queen Sugar so I added both to my list of shows to check out.

Atlanta was the one I made time for first and I haven't looked back since. It's dope! Point. Blank. Period. I never really cared for Childish Gambino as a rapper but his work on this show is amazing. The character Earn is incredibly awful but you kind of root for him to win but at the same time cringe every time his level of poverty puts him in an embarrassing situation that you would rather die than experience. Paper Boi and Darius are my favourite characters as they are just honest people, especially when compared to the sometimes moronic Earn. Overall, I love the show and I definitely make sure I tune in each week. 

I was late to the Queen Sugar party for sure. I kept putting it off as I didn't really want to watch another drama whilst catching up with Narcos and Mr Robot. During a much needed break from both shows because MY DAYS. My head hurt from all the twists and turns in Mr Robot and then the suspense of not knowing exactly when Pablo will depart from us *wipes tear*. Anyway, I decided to start Queen Sugar and I kicked myself for delaying watching it. It's definitely a show that I love for it's honesty and that connection (I feel) to my roots whilst watching. The culture etc. being displayed and the lifestyle that seems so foreign to me a Londoner like me, makes this show stand out even more. 

So yes, Power, Black-ish, Atlanta and Queen Sugar are my must watches.

Oh yeah, hold up! 

One more I will add on is Insecure. I will admit that I haven't watched Awkward Black Girl or read The Misadventures of Awkward Girl yet (both on my to do list) but I have heard great things about both so definitely thought I should make time for Insecure. The first episode was AWESOME. Issa has made a show that is relevant to me as a black woman and a person who doesn't live in a white washed world. I love the positive friendship she has with Molly and that Issa and her team have take the time to tell a story many can relate to. 

Let me know what you think, including any other recommendations in the comment section below.