Issa, Girl! (Insecure - S01E04)

Episode four of Insecure, aptly titled "Thirsty As F***", has to be my favourite episode so far. 

Issa, Issa, Issa. If you keep playing with the devil...

Everything is so obvious about Daniel. He shows up to your workplace with a "shoulda, coulda", woulda" aura. As much as Issa told him that she's back together with Lawrence, it was clear that if Daniel applied that pressure, something would happen between them again. SMH. 

A low point in the episode was seeing Molly's date with Michael go south and she didn't even realise it. The "why didn't you text me when you got home?" conversation turned another great date to a final one for Michael. We actually got to see Molly doing something she had no business doing and can now see one reason for why things aren't working out with any of the guys she's dated.

What I find frustrating about Molly is that when these guys decide to not take things further, she never seems to review what happened so she can try and figure out what went wrong. If things are going well and then suddenly the guy shuts everything down and gives you a BS excuse, it's either an issue on his side or yours. The fact that Michael said to Molly that he's "too busy to date right now" and she's knows it's a lame excuse as they've been on 3 dates, doesn't think that she might have done something to put him off. She just sails on and arranges a date with another guy, instead of chilling out for a minute! 

Anyway, Issa and her continued mess with Daniel took a turn as she asked him to come in for Career Day. Now she's given the devil an avenue God! 

Molly's first date with Chris aka Jidenna seems to have gone well. Let us pray that she doesn't f*ck it up! 

Moving on to the hoeing by Miss Tasha. I knew from that bank scene that she was going to try something and I was right. You don't even know this man. The sad part is that everything Tasha said in terms of his career and current situation, Issa should be saying to Lawrence. Yet, she's thinking about Daniel and what could've been. 

My personal highlight was Molly checking Issa about Daniel in the bathroom. When your friend is being shady/messy, you have to check them! Molly clocked it and got straight to the point. 

I didn't even feel sorry for Issa when the kids found her impromptu performance on YouTube. I cackled because that's what you get. I wonder if that's going to be how this mess with Daniel is discovered by Lawrence. Hmmm...

FYI: I'm glad Molly told that partner at her law firm that she will not be having any conversations with Rasheeda about THEIR issues with her conduct and lack of integration. I can't help thinking that there might be some repercussions for Molly saying no though. 

Can't wait for next week's episode! 

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