Insecure Season S02 08 (Finale)/Season 3 Hopes

The final episode of season 2, aptly titled "Hella Perspective", begins with Issa walking around Inglewood eating frozen yoghurt. Gentrification is in full swing and it's clear to her and us. As she continues walking, she's offered a voucher for a new coffee shop by a white woman who refers to Inglewood as I'wood, there's closed businesses looking for new occupiers and new businesses under construction. It's obvious that the rent increase notice is linked to this and it's clear Issa will either have to get a second job or move out. 

The episode is then broken down into three parts - the past 30 days for Lawrence, Molly and Issa since Derek's birthday dinner. The sequences are divided up by "Boredom", one of my favourite tracks from Tyler, The Creator's new album Flower Boy. It compliments the themes of the episode as we get to see everything from each character's perspective, how Lawrence and Issa's lives still intertwine and how all three are moving forward (or backward) from that eventful night. I loved that Melina Matsoukas (my fave) chose to present the episode to us in this way because there's a lot to cover and as it's the finale, we needed to be clear on where each character is now and could be heading in season 3.

Flower Boy is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

Lawrence's sequence brought me joy even though he spent most of it being trash, as usual. He couldn't escape Issa; after a bit more insight and paranoia about Aparna and Colin's hook ups, he took Chad and Derek's advice and got himself dumped but then actually managed to try some self-reflection and contemplated working on. There's nothing like getting cheated on and then dumped by two women you weren't even in a relationship with to make you think that maybe you are the problem. 

Even though I can't stand Aparna and still think she's not to be trusted, I was impressed that she abruptly ended things with Lawrence as soon as she realised he was insecure and paranoid for no other reason than unresolved issues with Issa. She should've never gotten involved with him in the first place but she's gone now and that's all that matters. I hope that Aparna's not in season 3 or if she is then she's mute or so deep in the background that there's no point of her even being on the show anymore. I'm sorry but I still can't get over her inviting herself to Derek's birthday dinner...who does that?! She still couldn't find any type of manners and leave when they arrived and realised it was an intimate birthday dinner for a small group. Seriously. I cannot. 

Moving on to Molly, my favourite emotional rollercoaster, her 30 days left me further perplexed by her actions. I admire her professional life and how she's taking strides to be valued in the workplace. I had this same struggle and it really is one of the best feelings when you finally get to a deserved moment in your career so I'm rooting for Molly. However, she irks my soul with her poor decisions and continued self-sabotage in her personal life. She has put me through the wringer with this Dro dalliance and then added Quentin to the mix all just because she has poor interpretation skills. Everyday I miss Jared and wonder what could have been.

A highlight for me was seeing her return to her therapist and those bestie moments with Issa but lets focus on the therapy session. Molly seemed really comfortable with her therapist this time and I hope she keeps this up. However, the warning signs came quick and fast that we had a long road to go when Dro texted her and her body language indicated she was still struggling with ignoring him. What didn't help is that she didn't say anything to her therapist right then and there. Yes, the session was over but we can already see you might need a bit more help resisting him before your next appointment. This made me wonder if she'd actually told her therapist about Dro or if she made out that she's moved on when really we know she hasn't. How is he still able to call you? Why is his number not blocked? Why is his number still even saved? *rolls eyes*

When Dro first told Molly about his marriage's status, I was skeptical and my uncertain thoughts were proven right at Derek's birthday dinner. There's no open marriage, b! The signs were all there but I guess Molly's was too pressed about being seated far away from Dro and then dealing with feeling like nothing to Dro when he's with Candice. I really wanted Candice to catch them in the bathroom so we can see how that would play out but alas, it wasn't to be. Hopefully we get to see this happen in season 3 or at least see Molly realise that Dro is lying and how she will handle this news. I'm sure she will be an emotional wreck as it will be the end of their relationship all together. 

We're all aware that Molly bases her life on where she should be and what she deserves but hasn't quite worked out how to get there in the way that is best for her. With Quentin, I genuinely wanted to see him and Molly develop a friendship and it potentially become romantic or just remain platonic. However, he made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to be more than friends but she messed things up by sleeping with Quentin, knowing full well that she wasn't attracted to him and couldn't see herself dating him. I cringed during that whole sex scene as it felt forced on Molly's part and she definitely misinterpreted her therapist's advice. Initially I didn't even hear "Quicksand", a new song SZA recorded for the soundtrack, because I was stunned. Molly wasn't thinking about the aftermath because she genuinely seems to like spending time with him as friends and colleagues so she's put that at risk. I don't see her taking things further in season 3 but you never know with Insecure. 

SZA contributed a new song, "Quicksand", to the Insecure Season 2 soundtrack, which is out now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

Issa had many struggles this season and suppressed many emotions when Lawrence finally confirmed to Molly that he doesn't want to be with Issa, after they slept together. She hadn't completely worked out her feelings and how things would be as Lawrence is still friends with Derek so he'll never fully disappear from her life. She moved forward (not on) and still kept Daniel in the mix, despite still wanting to be with Lawrence. She was going to be have a breaking moment at some point so I was glad that after everything, Lawrence and Issa finally talked about their relationship and the different ways they both failed each other. It was a positive conversation that allowed them to have closure and move forward with a clear understanding of why their relationship ultimately failed. However, when Issa turned up at Daniel's house, I genuinely thought she was on a small apology tour, not moving in as his new bedmate because who really believes Issa would be sleeping on the couch. Not me! I was disappointed but I am interested in seeing where Issa and Daniel go from here, especially now that she has cleared the air with Lawrence but she's got to move out ASAP because that arrangement is ridiculous.

Sidenote: I couldn't understand why Issa didn't deal with the high school VP directly and force those latino into those support classes. Why she thought it would be a good idea to create a separate class for the latinos is beyond me. I know sometimes that Issa doesn't think before she does things but that was blatantly ridiculous. She then followed it up with telling her boss everything. SMH. I don't know if Issa's going to have a job or be demoted in season 3, which if that affects her salary, she's going to have even more problems to deal with. 

Anyway, I'm emotionally spent after reflecting on this episode and also coming to terms with the fact that I will have to wait a year for season 3. I'm just as distressed about this as I am about Game of Thrones! 

Below are some things I would like to see in Season 3:

  • A development of Daniel and Issa's relationship. I want to see them date, once Issa has moved out and see if they are capable of being in a relationship. If it doesn't work out, then at least they know and can completely move on from each other.

  • More of Issa's relationship with her brother as it was quite strained in this episode. Also, I think it's odd that he dislikes Kelly, my fave.

  • Issa's mother. If they could get Angela Bassett to play her... :)

  • Molly continue with therapy and be as transparent as possible because that's the only way she's going to get a full understand of her issues and the help she needs.

  • Molly find out that Dro is lying and their be a confrontation between her and Candice. It would also be nice to know whether Candice suspects whether Molly and Dro have always just been friends.

  • Molly find a law firm that is the best working atmosphere for her, with a cute salary to go along with it.

  • Molly spending time with her family, especially her brothers.

  • Jared.

  • More of Kelly. Always.

  • More insight into Tiffany and Derek's relationship and what happened that caused Derek to have to stay in a hotel.

  • Lawrence go away. No, I'm joking. Or am I. More of Lawrence working on himself and not selling his dick for a crate of beer.

  • No Aparna or Tasha or anymore women who behave like either, dating Lawrence.

  • Chad's finance and their dynamic.

  • Candice box Dro in his neck.

  • Issa and Lawrence NOT get back together. I want to see them move on and find happiness in their careers and if love comes on, then great.

  • Issa and Lawrence in therapy. Not together.

Like me, I hope you enjoyed season 2 of Insecure and will be tuning in for season 3 next year. 

Comment below and let me know what you'd like to see in season 3. If you haven't seen Insecure yet, you can catch both seasons on Sky On Demand and Catch Up, as well as HBO.